No More Heroes 3 interview: Suda51 talks Travis Touchdown's return

Shacknews sat down with Suda51 at E3 2019 to chat about the upcoming No More Heroes 3 and where it stands in the franchise.


Travis Touchdown is back, and that means one thing: No More Heroes 3 has finally been released.

Shacknews had the opportunity to sit down with creator Suda51 and chat about some of the coolest parts of the fourth installment in the franchise and the third core entry, the first "main" game on the Switch. Previously Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes made its debut on the system, but the story is about to continue from No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle with this new game.

This sequel takes place two years after the events of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, following protagonist Travis Touchdown as he returns to the town of Santa Destroy after exiling himself of his own volition. While he's been gone, a strange new city has been built in the sea, and an alien invasion has sprung forth from said structure. This time, Travis has to kill off plenty of intergalactic nasties.

You can hear Suda51 discuss the upcoming game and all the craziness expected to come of it in the above interview, straight from the floor of E3 2019, where Suda51 headed this year to make his big announcement. Be sure to check out the entirety of the interview if you're a fan of the series for some intriguing new tidbits, and get ready for the game to debut next year in 2020.

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