CCP Games releases Championship Update to Sparc VR game

The world's first full-body VR sport gets an update with cross-platform competitive options.


CCP Games has released a new Championship Update for Sparc, its fast-paced competitive title, which it calls the world's first full-body virtual sport.

The Championship Update extends and enhances the current online features in-game with additional cross-platform modes like Ranked and Custom games, as well as a new and improved Spectator Mode.

Now, Quick Play is the fastest and easiest way to jump in and play with others, where Custom games offer a way for players to try out different modes and settings to build matches to their liking. The Championship Update also features a new Ranked Mode for Sparc, which lets players compete for a spot at the top of the leaderboard and work to attain Sparc's Legend tier.

Only the top 10 ranked players in the world can take one of these coveted spots. There is no ranking for players until they've gotten through their first 10 matches, and after that their most recent match record will end up assigning them tier from Bronze through Legend and position.1 through 100.

Of course, playing isn't all about competing at all times, and that's why Courtside might be of interest for some. It's a revamped spectator tool that players can watch their opponents and Custom games without jumping into the action.

The Championship Update brings the ability to spectate as a "headless" observer who isn't seen by either players or spectators and can cycle through different camera locations to view the action or fly around the map just taking in shots of the arena.

All of this new content was added in a bid to make this full-body experience a more exciting one to begin with, so anyone can jump in and enjoy themselves. If you've been playing Sparc, be sure to let us know if these new tweaks improve the experience at all.

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