The Division 2 gets free Outskirts: Expeditions DLC next week

Players with the Year 1 content pass will get it first, and everyone else will get it all at a later date.


The Division 2 players can look forward to some new in-game goodies in the form of the first installment of the game's Year 1 free content plan.

The first episode, called Episode 1: D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions is about to drop on July 23, so it's just weeks away. It'll be available for Year 1 Pass holders then, but a few days after on July 30, it'll open up to all players as a free add-on to their game.

It'll take the fight outside of Washington D.C. and find players exploring new locations, picking up where the game's story leaves off after the final boss showdown at Tidal basin. Players will be unleashed upon the surrounding areas of Washington D.C. as they investigate what happened to a lost convoy, all the while encountering the same kind of threats it likely faced before going down.

There are two new main missions in the DLC drop, as agents explore Camp White Oak while working to bring the traitorous President Andrew Ellis to justice. There's also the Manning National Zoo, where agents must keep the Outcasts from regrouping.

Additionally, a new experience in the form of Expeditions will be added to the game, where players must join forces together as they take on Kenly College following the loss of contact with a military convoy. Expeditions will be split up unto three different wings, each with their own theme and tone, and will be released on a week-by-week basis. If you collect all three wings, you get access to a special treasure room full of rewards.

Lastly, there's plenty of new loot to collect, like the BTSU Datagloves, Stoner LMG, Carbine 7, and the exotic Diamondback Rifle. Episode 1 will also bring changes based on previous player feedback, for anyone interested in seeing how the game has evolved, such as a new Discovery difficulty and improvements made to crafting. For those wanting an even closer look at the game's mechanics, weapons balancing and skill buffs have come into play.

Ready to spend some more time in The Division 2? Plenty of new, free content awaits! Better clear those calendars. 

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