Gears 5 tech test start and end times

Find out when the Gears 5 tech test start and end times are, so you can download and play!


Gears 5 is set to release later this year, but for now The Coalition is busy preparing for a series of technical tests that will run later this month. For those interested in joining in the fun, there will be two main tech tests, and each one will run for a different weekend. To help you prepare, this guide will go over the Gears 5 tech test start and end times, so you’ll be ready to go when the time comes.

Gears 5 tech test start and end times

The Gears 5 tech test will kick off for the first time on July 19, at 10AM PDT. The first technical test will run until July 22, at 10AM PDT. During this time, players will be able to take part in the tech test on both Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One. The second tech test will start on July 26, at 10AM PDT and will come to an end at 10AM PDT on July 29.

Gears 5 tech test start and end times

During the tests, the developers will be looking to test the influx of players, as well as a queue system that Gears 5 will utilizer to protect the server’s stability. You can expect a few things from the Gears 5 tech tests, according to the official post on the game’s website. The test will involve three distinct modes across two brand-new multiplayer maps. The modes will include Arcade, Escalation, and King of the Hill. In addition to the three game modes, the tech test will also include Gears 5’s new Bootcamp and Tour of Duty system, allowing players to test out two brand-new options coming in Gears 5.

Now that you know the Gears 5 tech test start and end times, make sure you know how to download the Gears 5 tech test and be ready to dive into the test when it arrives in a couple of weeks.

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