Twitch launches new Subscriber Streams feature

Streamers can now offer exclusive streams to viewers who subscribe to their channel.


Twitch is working to offer a new feature for streamers to reward their most loyal viewers, and you might very interested if you have your own favorite streamers on the platform.

Subscriber Streams are the latest mechanic to be coming for streamers. It's launching in beta form today, and they're a way for streamers to add benefits and value to those who follow them on the platform. This includes subscribers, VIPs, and mods. When a viewer subscribes to a channel at any tier, including with their free Twitch Prime subscription, they'll then be able to access the particular streamer's Subscriber Streams.

If a non-subscriber views the channel, they'll get a preview of what they're missing out on and see the offer to subscribe so they can immediately join in on what's happening on the stream. These options will only be available for streamers who are Partners and Affiliates who meet Twitch's safety requirements. Additionally, the Partner or Affiliate must not have violate the Twitch Community Guidelines in their last 90 unique broadcast days. If they received a suspension in the past, they'd have to rack up 90 different days without a violation if they want to be eligible. Basically, follow the Twitch Terms of Service, people. 

Subscriber Streams look basically like any other stream on the platform, but they'll be tagged as such for "easy discoverability." When they're finished airing, their corresponding VOD will also be automatically available for subscribers, regardless if the Subscriber-only option is toggled on or off. Clips can still be shared too, and they will not be restricted unless you choose to turn off sharing on your own via the Clips Manager.

If you're a creator who might be interested in employing these new features, you can start testing them in beta today. Keep it tuned to Shacknews for additional updates on all things Twitch. 

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