What is Steam 502 bad gateway error?

What is a 502 bad gateway error and why is it hitting Steam? Here's what you need to know.


With the Steam Summer Sale kicking off, the website is getting hammered by people trying to check out the latest deals. Many have seen themselves hit with a 502 bad gateway error, or even a 504 timeout error. What exactly do these errors mean, and is there any way to fix them? Here’s what we know.

What is Steam 502 bad gateway error?

Unfortunately, when events like the Steam Summer Sale kick off, the website and app find themselves pretty overrun with users trying to learn more about the best deals available on one of the most popular online gaming stores. If you’re one of the unlucky people having issues connecting, then chances are you’re seeing issues like 504 timeout errors or even 502 bad gateway errors.

What is Steam 502 bad gateway error?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can really do to fix the issue, as it’s directly tied to the website’s connection. A 502 bad gateway error is generally an indicator that there is something wrong with the way a server is communicating. this can often happen when a server is overrun with new connections, like we often see with the launch of each Steam Sale event. To fix the 502 bad gateway error, you’re going to need to remain patient and wait for everything to come back online.

504 gateway time out is a similar issue to the 502 bad gateway error, and there’s no real fix for it other than being patient and waiting for Steam to iron out the issues.

The good news is, you have plenty of time according to what we know about the Steam Summer Sale 2019 start and end times, which means you shouldn’t miss out on too much while the servers even themselves out. For more help, make sure you follow Shacknews on Twitter and be sure to head back over to our homepage for the latest news and guides.

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