Raspberry Pi 4 gets huge spec bumps, supports dual 4K displays

Raspeberry Pi 4 may finally usher in the era of the Linux desktop PC. Check out all the new features.


Raspberry Pi 4 is officially here. The tiny board has received some material bumps in specifications and it is still being released at an affordable $35 pricepoint. Check out the announcement video.

Raspberry Pi 4 specfications and features

The new board boasts the ability to replace a PC and become your new desktop computer. The team has built a complete experience for the tiny board, allowing users to edit documents, browse the web, and a lot more on a very energy-efficient and cost-effective mini-rig.

The little Raspberry Pi 4 board packs a serious punch with bumped specs across the board.
The little Raspberry Pi 4 board packs a serious punch with bumped specs across the board.
  • Silent, energy-efficient
    • The Raspberry Pi 4 is fanless and uses far less power than other computer.
  • Fast networking
    • The new board ships with Gigabit Ethernet along with onboard Bluetooth and wireless networking.
  • USB 3
    • The new Raspberry Pi 4 ships with two USB 2 ports and two USB 3 ports, allowing for 10 times faster data transfer.
  • Three choices for system memory
    • There are going to be three versions of the board that ship with different variants of memory. Customers can choose from 1GB, 2GB, or 4GB of RAM on their Raspbery Pi 4 board.
  • Dual 4K display support
    • The board features two Micro HDMI Ports that will support two 4K displays.
  • USB-C power supply
  • More powerful processor

All of these new specs come at a very attractive starting pricepoint of $35 for the 1GB model. The 2GB board is priced at $45, with the 4GB version running $55. The team has kept all of the software backwards-compatible so you can just slide the new board into existing projects. Your Raspberry Pi 4 creations will be able to work on older models as well. If you purchase a Raspberry Pi 4, you will also need a USB-C Power Supply. The board also doesn't ship with some PC essentials like a keyboard, mouse, or HDMI cables, so be sure you have everything in order before pulling the trigger.

Shout out to Conan for bringing this to our attention with his Chatty thread. Are you picking up a Raspberry Pi 4? Let us know in the comments section below.


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