PlayStation error WS-37403-7 hits PSN

It looks like PSN is down with PlayStation error WS-37403-7 following the latest PlayStation update.


PlayStation 4 users found themselves with a brand-new update this morning, and it appears that it might be the culprit of a massive network issue plaguing Sony right now. Of course, there’s no official information on exactly what has called PlayStation error WS-37403-7 to hit PS4s this morning, though many have speculated the update could play a part. Either way, PlayStation users have had a hard time logging into their accounts since earlier this morning.

It’s been roughly four hours since users first started reporting issues with PlayStation error WS-37403-7. Taking a quick look at the PlayStation Network Status page shows that several of the PlayStation ecosystem’s various services are experiencing issues including account management, gaming and social, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Video, Vue, the PlayStation Store, and even PlayStation Music.

PlayStation error WS-37403-7 hits PSN

Users are experiencing PlayStation error WS-37403-7 whenever they try to login to their PlayStation account, and it’s left a lot of gamers unable to make use of their account and online services for a majority of the morning. PlayStation is currently looking into the issue, and the Ask PlayStation account on Twitter has made an announcement to verify that they are investigating it. Unfortunately, there isn’t really anything that you can do to fix the error when you get it, which means you’ll need to be patient and wait for Sony to sort the issue.

Whether the latest PlayStation update is the real culprit or not isn’t important right now. What matters most is getting PlayStation error WS-37403-7 sorted and getting PlayStation users back on their feet and enjoying their games. We’ll be sure to keep this story updated as we know more, so make sure you stay tuned and be sure to follow Shacknews on Twitter for more updates and more of the latest stories from the gaming industry.

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