Super Mario Maker 2 update will allow friends to play online together

A previous statement that Super Mario Maker 2 would only allow you to play online with randoms has been rescinded and an update that adds online play with friends will arrive after launch.


Today during the Nintendo’s E3 coverage, members of Nintendo Treehouse Live sat down with Takashi Tezuka, the producer on Super Mario Maker 2 to discuss the game and share more of its gameplay. During the session with Tezuka we learned quite a bit about the game as Nintendo showed off some of the various levels and effects that you will encounter in the upcoming Mario level maker. Along the way, Tezuka revealed that Nintendo has decided to add a post-launch update that will enable the ability to play with friends online.

Previously, during the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct some weeks back, Nintendo had mentioned that players would only be able to play against randoms online, as the game also featured a leaderboard system. In today’s session of Treehouse Live, Tezuka talked about Super Mario Maker 2, stating, “we wanted to create an environment where people could play. This game is completed where we can create a cycle where people can get ideas, share them with others, and play those. That's when we feel like we've done our job of creating a complete experience."

From the sounds of it, it doesn’t look like this was something that Nintendo had planned to do, as Tezuka announced the update by saying that they decided to change things up. Whether it was an intended feature or not, though, doesn’t matter. It’s good to see that Nintendo is listening to its community either way. We’re excited to see online multiplayer with friends in Super Mario Maker 2, even if we have to wait a little while longer for it.

What do you think about the change in plans? Are you excited about Super Mario Maker 2? Make sure to keep your eyes glued to our official E3 2019 hub for more great announcements, news, and coverage of this year’s biggest gaming event.

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