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Spiritfarer revealed at Xbox E3 2019 conference

Microsoft revealed Spirtfarer, a brand-new game this year at the Xbox E3 2019 conference.


Among today’s announcements from Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2019 conference was a brand-new adventure game called Spiritfarer.

Developed by Thunder Lotus, Spiritfarer will be available on the Xbox Game Pass when it releases. However, not much is known about the game just yet. In the brief trailer that we were shown at the Xbox E3 2019 conference, players appear to play a young female character in charge of building and caring for a small town aboard a boat.

In the trailer we’re shown the various ways we can interact with the world, including caring, cooking, mining, building, and even gardening. The graphics are very cute and colorful, instantly drawing the viewer in. All in all, the game appears to be a 2.5D scroller, though as stated above, we’re still very light on details.

No word on a release date just yet, or even a window in which we should expect the game to debut. That means we probably won’t see it for a bit, but it definitely looks like one worth checking out when it does release. We’ll keep an eye out for more details as the show continues onward. Thunder Lotus worked on Jotun previously, a game that focused heavily on taking down gods and basically absorbing their powers. Based off of that and the themes talked about in the trailer, it’s possible we might be dealing with something supernaturally based like Jotun, but we can’t be sure just yet.

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