What are some names for the next-gen Xbox Scarlett console?

Shacknews is putting on our tinfoil hats and speculating on what the next Xbox console will be called. Please take a look.


A brand new Xbox console with the codename Scarlet may be announced at the Microsoft E3 2019 press conference. The social media team at Xbox may have crafted a secret message in a series of tweets. The next-gen Xbox is likely to be detailed tomorrow in Los Angeles.  Three tweets combined into a RGB code for the color scarlet. R 255, then G 36 , and B 0 in the most recent tweet. 

Our crack Shacknews staff on assignment at E3 2019 got to thinking about today’s Xbox press conference, and we started kicking around ideas for potential names for the next gen Xbox console. Please take a look at potential names for codename Scarlet console.

Potential Next Gen Xbox Console Names


  • Nextbox
  • The Xbox
  • Xbox Infinite
  • Xbox Geraldo
  • Xbox 4
  • Xbox^4
  • Xbox Two
  • Xbonx
  • The Xbox?\
  • Xbox Prime
  • Xbox Go Plus +
  • ++Xbox
  • New Xbox
  • Xbox Game Pass Box
  • Game Pass
  • DevelopersDevelopersDevelopersBox
  • Xbox Entertainment System
  • Super Xbox
  • Mega Xbox
  • Xbox Saturn
  • Super Xbox 2 Turbo HD Remix - Hyper Fighting Alpha Collection
  • Xbox Anywhere
  • Xbox 2077
  • Xbox 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • Days of Xbox Past
  • Xbox Harder
  • Xbox Forever
  • Xbox Begins
  • Xbox Beyond
  • Xbox Rises
  • Xbox Awakens
  • Return of the Xbox
  • Revenge of the Xbox
  • Xbox Infinity
  • Xbox 8K
  • Xbox AR
  • Xbox Plus
  • Xbox Now
  • Xbox 95
  • Xbox XP
  • Xbox 10
  • Xbox 3.11 for Workgroups
  • Xbox: Millenial Edition
  • Xbox Game Box
  • The console formerly known as Xbox
  • Xbox Mini
  • Xbox Nano
  • Xbox One XL
  • Xbox U
  • Taco Bell presents: The Doritos Locos Xbox
  • Xbox Platninum
  • Xbox Sword and Shield
  • Can’t Believe it’s not Xbox!?
  • Xbox: The Next Generation
  • Xbox: Generations
  • Xbox: The Last Stand
  • Dark Xbox Rises
  • Xbox Homecoming
  • Xbox Endgame
  • Xbox Ragnarok
  • Dr. Xbox
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Xbox Azure
  • Xbox Cloud
  • Xbox Galaxy S
  • Xbox Pro
  • Xbox: This Time It’s Personal
  • Le Xbox
  • Wrath of Xbox
  • ExBox
  • Xbox 3: The Search for Xbox
  • 2 Xbox 2 Furious
  • Generation Xbox
  • Xbox Zune
  • Xbox Touch
  • Xbox Surface
  • Xbox 2020
  • Xbox 720
  • Xbox 1080
  • Xbox Home
  • Xbox TV
  • Xbox Deluxe
  • Xbox: No Console Edition (Just a PC app)
  • Xbox 2600
  • Xbox Air Max Pro
  • Xbox 3000
  • Dat Xbox

Are you jazzed about the upcoming smorgasbord of hot news announcements from Xbox and a ton of other companies at E3 2019? Check out our schedule of all the events happening this week in Los Angeles, and let us know what you think the next gen Xbox console will be called in the comments section below.

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