Shinji Mikami teases E3 2019 game announcement on Twitter

What could Shinji Mikami be planning with his "business trip" at E3 next week?


Developer Shinji Mikami could be teasing a new game, if a recent tweet of his is to be believe. The survival horror master took to Twitter with a cryptic message about a business trip at E3 in the next week on June 1, leading many to believe he could be announcing a new game there.

E3 2019 is next week, and Mikami's tweet makes it quite difficult to tell if anything is indeed on the horizon since he said so little, but it certainly seems like theories surrounding the idea that The Evil Within 3 might make an appearance at the show could in fact be plausible. We know that Mikami will, at the very least, be in attendance at E3, but what will he be showing off? That's anyone's guess.

Mikami could simply be attending for some discussions with other creators at the show, or attending because he's something of a legend throughout the horror community for his work on Resident Evil. Fans are hoping for news to drop about an eventual The Evil Within 3 confirmation, however, and it's not clear at this point if that's what's going to happen.

The Evil Within 2 last hit stores in 2017, and generally received positive reviews from critics. News about anything after that has been extremely quiet, though the game itself did get a first-person mode released for it several months after its release. Unfortunately, we don't quite know what to make of Mikami's impending appearance, but we know if any new info about a potential sequel is coming, we don't have much longer to wait.

Shacknews reviewed The Evil Within 2 and awarded it a 6 out of 10. Here's what Chris Jarrard had to say about it:

"The Evil Within 2 is a better game than the original. While I feel that no part of the game close to the excellent opening moments of the chainsaw man chase that opened the first game, the sum of those parts makes for a better overall experience. That said, I did not really fancy any of it. My aforementioned gripes and PC port issues leave me feeling indifferent towards the scattered high points. In classic horror fashion, the game ends with a hint towards another sequel. Hopefully it will try breaking new ground in gameplay systems and offer a more compelling story."

Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates surrounding E3 2019 and Shinji Mikami. 

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