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Interview: The Sojourn blends art and puzzles together

The upcoming puzzle game from Shifting Tides blends art and puzzles together to create a unique experience.


The Sojourn tasks players with uncovering the hidden truth in a pure world where darkness has begun to seep in. We had a chance to speak with Damien Sarrazin, the President of HomeRun PR—the PR company supporting The Sojourn through its release. In our interview we learned a bit more about The Sojourn, as Sarrazin touched on the evolving difficulty of the game, as well as the unique art style that the developers were striving for.

Interview: The Sojourn blends art and puzzles together
A look at the colorful and artistic style that The Sojourn uses to bring it's world together.

According to Sarrazin, The Sojourn was created with an ever-evolving difficulty curve that allows players to get used to the basics of the game, and then slowly adds more complexity on top of those basics. It’s a common practice we’ve seen in puzzle games in the past, and it makes it enjoyable for the player to dive deeper into the game without ever feeling like they’re bashing their head against a wall that’s never going to fall.

In our interview with Sarrazin, we also asked about the game’s unique art style. Crafted in Unreal Engine, The Sojourn is meant to be as close to a masterpiece of art as possible, according to Sarrazin. The developers really wanted to blend the aspects of gaming and art together. Based on the little bit that we’ve seen so far of the game, they have done a solid job of that, at least with the visuals.

You can check out the full interview with Damien Sarrazin embedded above. The Sojourn is currently slated to release sometime this summer, though they have not settled on a final date just yet. We’ll keep an eye out for any additional news, as the game looks like one that puzzle fans will want to check up on. For more interviews and previews, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews and GamerhubTV on YouTube.

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