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Fortnite Season 9, week 4 hidden Battle Star location

Learn how to find the hidden Battle Star location in Fortnite Season 9, week 4's loading screen.


In past seasons of Fortnite battle royale, players have been able to unlock a loading screen, which often contains a clue to a hidden Battle Star or a banner. If you’ve completed all of this week’s challenges, and you’re trying to figure out where the hidden Battle Star location is, then we can help. Here’s what we know.

Fortnite Season 9, week 4 hidden Battle Star location

Update: Previous we had stated that the hidden Battle Star for week 4’s challenges was nonexistent. However, it appears that the reward was simply bugged out and wasn’t appearing for many players despite having completed all of the week’s challenges.

When you’ve completed all of the challenges, players will actually be able to find the secret Fortbyte by making their way over to the ATM outside of the arcade in Paradise Palms. This should trigger the Fortbyte and allow you to collect it.

If you’re looking for the Fortnite Season 9, week 4 hidden Battle Star location, then I have a bit of bad news. Unfortunately, this week does not appear to have any kind of hidden reward within the loading screen. We’ve included the loading screen itself below, so that you can see it for yourself.

Fortnite Season 9, week 4 hidden Battle Star location
This week's loading screen contains no secrets or hidden Battle Stars.

It’s a bit weird to see Epic deviating so much from their usual formula this week, as even the past few weeks have contained a secret reward in the loading screen that players receive when they complete all of their weekly challenges. In fact, Week 1 and week 3 each had a hidden Battle Star for players to find, and Week 2 made us of the new Utopia challenges by offering players a hidden Fortbyte instead. For some weird reason, though, this week’s loading screen doesn’t appear to point to any hidden rewards.

Of course, we’ll continue to monitor things and look into any possible clues as to where this week’s hidden Battle Star might be, but at the moment it looks like we could be going without one. There are still plenty of challenges to complete, though, so make sure you head back over to our main Fortnite guides hub to find a ton of helpful information available over there. You can also follow Shacknews on Twitter for easy access to all of our content, as we’ll stream it directly to your timeline each day.

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