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Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground expansion out for PC

Take the adorable little people of Kerbin into space and expand their exploration capabilities with this new DLC.


If you're one to spend hours with the aliens of Kerbal Space Program trying to build them a respectable rocket with which they can blast off into the cosmos, you'll want to grab Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground, the game's latest expansion.

It's live now for $14.99, and comes jam-packed with plenty of new content. You'll spend plenty of time experimenting with new items, figuring out new technology, and completing additional tasks, all with your adorable little Kerbal friends. One particularly new feature is Robotic Parts, which will let you create new vehicles and other crafts to help further explore the universe – those little guys just love heading out into the outer reaches.

Additionally, you can even start using special seismometers and weather stations to ascertain more information about the planet you're currently on. Kerbals can look sharp with their own new suit as well if you choose to outfit them in it, and they'll be the talk of Kerbin.

This new expansion is now up for purchase for $14.99 USD, and any players who purchased Kerbal Space Program through April 2013 will receive the expansion pack for absolutely nothing, per a promise that the developers made in the game’s early days.

Ready to jump into the new expansion? It's the perfect time to cue up Kerbal Space Program and start building up your own space program as you start exploring. If you want to dive in right now, be sure to head over to the Steam store and pick the game up.

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