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Crytek's Hunt: Showdown available now with Xbox Game Preview

Eager players can take on Crytek's Hunt: Showdown via Xbox Game Preview right now – happy hunting!


Crytek's competitive first-person bounty hunting game Hunt: Showdown is now available via Xbox Game Preview.

If you've been following the game's journey through development, Crytek had previously announced the company was looking to partner with Microsoft to bring Hunt: Showdown to Xbox Game Preview, but now that day has finally come. It was originally pegged more for spring 2019, but it's clearly getting into summer now.

“We are really looking forward to seeing Hunt: Showdown on Xbox, and to hearing what the players have to say about the game,” said Hunt: Showdown Producer Fatih Özbayram. “Hunt has a community-driven development process, and we can’t wait to work with the new Xbox audience as we continue to polish the game.”

Hunt: Showdown takes elements of first-person shooters and survival games and combines them for match-based gameplay with rounds that take ten players, either playing solo or in teams of duo, making them fight against each other for bounty. They work together (or against each other) to eliminate monsters throughout the swamps of Louisiana. The game utilizes a blend of PvP and PvE elements.

Taking a bounty will make you a target on the map for everyone else left, so you'll have to worry about risking your well-being for a hefty reward. When you die, that's it, too – so be careful when you're being greedy. It could cost you your life.

Previously, Hunt: Showdown won the Shacknews Best Early Access Game of 2018 award, with our own Chris Jarrard awarding it high praise.

"As the game works towards a final release, it has received new maps, hunters, gear, and monsters. As expected, the game gets regular balance adjustments and bug fixes as a part of the early access process. While Hunt: Showdown is still technically in the oven, the team at Crytek have already delivered a horrifying shooter experience that draws you back in for more. For this reason, it takes the top spots as the Shacknews Best Early Access Game of 2018," he said of the title.

If you're raring to go after reading that, you can jump into the game starting today. 

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