Suda51 teases E3 2019 game announcement

Suda51 took to Momocon 2019 with his own panel, and a surprise slip of a possible impending E3 2019 announcement.


Aside from confirming that Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PC during his panel at Momocon 2019, Suda51 had something else up his sleeve.

During the panel, called "Travis Talks Again With Suda51," Suda51 let slip that that he might actually have something else to announce for fans at E3 2019.

"I'm going to be going to E3 this year. I can't say anything now, but there might be an announcement there," he said. "Maybe! It's definitely a maybe, so check it out." said Suda51 via translator to a cheering crowd.

He gave no further details as to what it might be, but fans (myself included) are speculating that it could finally be the new No More Heroes game we've been clamoring for ever since the end credits rolled on Travis Strikes Again. From the ending of the game, it was clear that the next core entry is in the works.

Previously, Siliconera reported that when they had asked Suda in March about the game's ending, he stated he hoped to have "something cool to announce" around this time of year. Given the panel's timing and the fact that E3 2019 is just a couple of weeks away, it's very possible that we could see this bombshell of a reveal soon enough.

I reviewed Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes on Nintendo Switch and awarded it a 5 out of 10:

"As an unapologetic Suda51 and No More Heroes fan, it’s such a letdown to have to pen these words after finally, finally seeing one of my favorite franchises resurrected on the Switch. While I dug absolutely every facet of the game's aesthetics and the fact that I was finally able to get more No More Heroes after such a long wait, I didn't quite want it in this format. While it was clear at the start that this wouldn't be a core entry in the series, it's also bereft of much of what makes No More Heroes such an unforgettable and classic game in the first place. Technical issues, strange gameplay decisions, and an overall lackluster series of features make Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes an unworthy placeholder for the next entry in the series."

Here's hoping that whatever's on its way out is a vast improvement over the previous game!

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