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Xbox Game Pass adds Void Bastards & Metal Gear Survive

The latest Xbox Game Pass titles for June include Void Bastards, Metal Gear Survive, and Superhot.


We're slowly reaching the dead of summer, and that means Xbox Game Pass is adding a ton of new games with every month that passes.

The end of May's selection (and the beginning of June) comes with a special set of some pretty great options: Metal Gear Survive (which everyone basically hated, but I found interesting), The Banner Saga, Void Bastards, Dead by Daylight, Outer Wilds, Full Metal Furies, The Banner Saga 2, and Superhot.

We've got a review cooking up of Void Bastards right now, but we can say most of these games are well worth checking out otherwise, especially Superhot. You can expect to see Metal Gear Survive and The Banner Saga debuting on the service on May 23 (that's tomorrow, for anyone keeping track), and Void Bastards on May 29. On May 30, you'll see both Dead by Daylight and Outer Wilds joining the collection. Finally, Full Metal Furies and The Banner Saga 2, and Superhot will be added on June 6.

That means you've got plenty of time to check out all of these games for at least a few minutes before E3 2019 rolls around, and it promises to be a doozy this year.

And as for Metal Gear Survive? Here's what I thought about it:

"Metal Gear Survive is an interesting amalgam of survival elements, small references to the series that influenced it, zombie games, and online titles. It's not a Metal Gear game, which makes me wonder why it was titled as such in the first place as it's not attracted fans of the series, and in fact has done just the opposite. It would have fared better, perhaps, as a new IP with less recycled assets. But as it is, it's an interesting and wholly engrossing exercise in survival that I enjoyed more with every hour that passed. Don't go into the game looking for any sort of Metal Gear gratification, and you'll come out relatively pleased with what's on offer."

Just as a reminder, Xbox Game Pass gives you access to over one hundred different games you can download and dabble in without spending extra cash. You can get your first month for just a dollar, and it's $9.99 from there on out.

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