How to pet a dog in Dauntless on PC, Xbox One, & PS4'

Everything you need to know to meet up with man's best friend and pet a dog in Dauntless.


Dauntless is finally out of Early Access, giving players a cooperative and cross-platform RPG to dive into. If you’re stepping into your shoes as a Slayer, then you’ve probably noticed some of the various animals and NPCs scattered around Ramsgate. While you can’t interact with all of them, Phoenix Labs has added in a nice pet mechanic, which will allow you to pet a dog in Dauntless.

How to pet a dog in Dauntless

Sometimes it’s really nice to just take a break and stand back from the action sometimes. Ramsgate is the perfect place to do that in, and there are plenty of things to keep you busy during each visit. Not only can you craft new armor and weapons, but you can also just explore the general area and experience the nice, beautiful town that the Slayers call home.

How to pet a dog in Dauntless on PC, Xbox One, & PS4’

If you want to take a little break from your normal Slayer duties, though, you can always visit the various dogs scattered around Ramsgate and offer up pets for a cute little interaction. To pet a dog all you will need to do is walk up to the nearest pooch and hold the interaction key when it prompts you to. Your Slayer will then kneel down at the pupper’s head and give it pets.

While it doesn’t really accomplish anything in the game itself, being able to pet dogs is a nice little feature that many games have been including as a little bit of fan service. Sure, it’s a silly mechanic, and there isn’t really any point in it, but it does offer a cute little way for players to interact with the world.

Now that you know how to pet a dog in Dauntless, be sure to head back over to our Dauntless guides hub and check out our guide on all Dauntless weapons to learn more about the various items in your arsenal.

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