Satisfactory update 0.1.11 patch notes now available

The first major update, patch 0.1.11 is now available for Satisfactory.


The first large update for Satisfactory is now available via update 0.1.11. The update adds Conveyor Lifts, Quartz Research, and Sulfur Research. The patch notes also detail several bug fixes and balancing changes, which players can expect to see active when they dive into the game after downloading the update.

 Satisfactory update 0.1.11 patch notes now available - adds rifle

We’ve included some of the patch notes below, however, you can check out the full update info by heading over to the official Satisfactory website.


  • Added the Conveyor Lift (currently with placeholder visuals)
    • Rebuild or build a new factory with Mk.1 - 4 of the vertical Conveyor Belt!
  • Added the Quartz Research
    • New Parts and Recipes: Quartz Crystal, Crystal Oscillator
    • Explorer Vehicle: The vehicle currently best suited for traversal
    • Ingame Map: Enjoy revealing the game map via exploration and the Radar Tower
  • Added the Sulfur Research
    • New Parts and Recipes: Sulphur, Black Powder, Explosives, Ammunition
    • Nobelisk Detonator: Blow up trees, bushes, rocks, creatures and friends
    • Rifle Mk.1: An automatic rifle for the purpose of Pioneer safety


  • Added several new alternate Recipes
  • Alternate recipes can no longer be hand crafted
  • Moved all Oil Nodes in the Dune Desert (northeast corner of the map) to the Spire Coast (the coast west of the Dune Desert)
  • Adjusted purity of Oil Nodes in the Desert Canyons east and west of the Northern Forest
  • Fabric recipe now requires Biomass instead of Leaves
  • Fixed the milestone cost of the Alternate Heavy Modular Frame
  • Clearance adjustments for several buildings to fit more snugly
    • Splitter and Merger
    • Smelter, Constructor and Assembler
    • Miners and Oil Pumps
    • A few others
  • Adjusted the cost of the Programmable and Smart Splitter
  • Adjusted the cost of Caterium Milestones 2 and 3
  • Added Alien Organs research after Alien Carapace (making it possible to turn Alien Organs into Medicinal Inhalers)
  • Adjusted the cost of making Medicinal Inhalers (more Mycelia, less Nuts)
  • Greatly increased the amount of parts around Crash Sites for new games
  • Reduced Caterium Ore required to make Caterium Ingots from 4 to 3
  • Reduced the Quickwire cost of Quickwire alternate recipes
  • Increased Power Pole Mk.2 & 3 connections by 1 and 2 respectively
  • Increased the parts cost of some Buildings and Equipment
    • Generators: Fuel Generator, Geothermal Generator
    • Production Buildings: Manufacturer, Miner Mk.2, Oil Pump, Oil Refinery
    • Equipment: Xeno Basher, Jetpack, Gas Mask
  • Tweaked the Rebar Gun damage
  • Increased the duration that a Gas Mask Filter lasts
  • Beacons can now be built in the Manufacturer
  • Power Shards can no longer be used as fuel
  • Conveyor belts max incline bumped from 30 to 35 degrees

As you can see, quite a few changes are now available in the massive update, so be sure to download it and check it out as soon as you can.

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