Cities: Skylines Campus DLC releases this month

Cities: Skylines is getting a new Campus DLC that lets players build their own schools this month.


School is in! The latest Cities: Skylines DLC releases later this month. With Campus, players will be able to dive into Cities: Skylines and build their own school from the ground up.

The upcoming DLC is set to release on May 21 and will be available to purchase for $12.99€ when it releases later this month. Not a whole lot is known about the upcoming DLC, but the developers have stated multiple times that players will have a lot more control over how the education system works in their city, which is a feature that players have been asking for since the game’s original release a few years ago. According to a Tweet from the company, players will be able to design their campus, choose a school specialization, take part in sports, and build up their university to be a prestigious

Cities Skylines Campus DLC releases this month

Of course, only time will tell how deep these features truly are, and if they satiate the hungry city constructors who have sank hundreds of hours into Cities Skylines since the game’s original release back in 2015. In our original review for the game, reviewer Steven Wong stated, “Once you get a feel for the game, Cities: Skylines can be quite satisfying and fun to play.” He also touched on some of the bigger issues that plagued the game at release, some of which the developers have found ways to alleviate. You can check out the full Cities: Skylines review for all the details.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on Cities: Skylines and let you know as any new developments are made known. For now, you can head over to the official Steam store page to learn more about the game. You’ll also want to follow Shacknews on Twitter, where you’ll be able to keep up with all the latest news and content that we create and share.

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