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Star Control: Origins Earth Rising Expansion Part 2 out now

The Lexites have returned in the second part of Star Control: Origins Earth Rising expansion.


Set to release in four parts, fans of Star Control: Origins can now dive into the second part of the Earth Rising expansion, Return of the Lexites. The update is now available, and it will grant players access to a new race to fight against, as well as new missions, ships and weapons.

The Lexites are an ancient race of post-humans who left Earth decades ago. As the primary driving force behind the formation of Star Control, the Lexites are a dangerous enemy bent on stopping Earth’s expansion into the galaxy by any means possible. This means players will need to bring all of their knowledge to the table as they fight to find new allies and stop this threat before it becomes too large.

Star Control: Origins Earth Rising Expansion Part 2 out now

This is just part two of the planned four parts of the expansion. Those looking to dive into the expansion can pick it up for $19.99 on Steam. Part one initially released last winter, and the additional parts of the expansion will become available over the coming months. But what exactly can players expect from the latest part of the expansion?

Obviously the biggest change here is the introduction of the Lexites as an actual race that players will need to fight against. Users will also find themselves with new missions to complete, all of which deal with the Earth’s expansion into the galaxy. There are also new ships to fight against, as the heavily armed Lexite ships attempt to destroy your fleet. Finally, players can expect to find new weapons in the hands of their enemies, weapons the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

The second part of the Earth Rising expansion is sure to be an exciting trek for Star Control: Origins players, and you won’t want to miss out on the Return of the Lexites as they try their best to wipe out humanity and stop it in its tracks. Be sure to head over to Steam and pick up the DLC for Star Control: Origins if you haven’t already. The fate of humanity rests in your hands, traveler. Don’t let us down.

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