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YouTuber Etika potentially swatted by NYPD live on Instagram

YouTuber Etika was arrested while streaming live on Instagram in what could have been a swatting incident.


Former YouTuber Etika was detained live on Instagram by NYPD in the middle of his livestream, reportedly as an alleged victim of swatting. 

During a rant posted online that spanned several bizarre tweets, Etika tweeted an anti-Semitic slur that has since been deleted. Unfortunately, his audience of over 300,000 followers saw it before he had a chance to take it down, spreading the post across the social media site. The catalyst for Etika's outburst is unknown at this time, but apparently it happened as a result of Rod Breslau, otherwise known as Slasher, letting Erika know that he wasn't able to get the streamer verified. 

Etiks also wrote a stream of unsettling tweets in which he referred to himself as an "immortal god" and began using homophobic slurs against others. In one strange video, Etika can be seen calling out his window to police outside on the street, saying that people online are "trying to hurt him" because he "makes a lot of porn."

In another follow-up video, Etika had taken to streaming live on Instagram as he watched a group of NYPD officers enter his home in full SWAT equipment garb. It's unclear at this point if this was a police intervention or if he had been swatted thanks to his actions on social media earlier in the day.

It isn't clear this point if Etika has been swatted, arrested, or simply detained for his own safety in the wake of what could potentially be unchecked mental illness. The streamer, whose real name is Daniel Desmond Amofah, made headlines earlier in April when he tweeted an apparent suicide message reading the following:

“I am about to shoot myself in the forehead, with a pistol I purchased from a gun shop in long island. Bury me in Brooklyn."

When he took to Twitter announcing his intended suicide, he was aided by a friend: Alice Pika, who pleaded with Etika's fans and followers to continue having compassion for him.

“Please don’t leave this conversation. Mental Health is critical. Don’t bury your feelings. Look after your friends. Have compassion. Forgive yourself and others who hurt you. Heal from your past by confronting it. Trust those that love you.”

Etika had previously been banned from YouTube and had been suspended from Twitch after using a homophobic slur while live on stream. Before his apparent breakdown, Etika was known for creating YouTube reaction videos to gaming events and other gaming-centric streams, like the one below.

It isn't immediately clear what's going to happen with Etika nor if he is being detained for the foreseeable future, but we'll keep you apprised on the situation as it continues to unfold. 

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