Best Buy giving free PlayStation Classics with PS4 Pro sales

If you're in the market for a PlayStation 4 Pro, Best Buy will sweeten the deal by throwing in a free PlayStation Classic.


The PlayStation Classic has not been faring well ever since it released. Including an odd assortment of games that also perform terribly will do that to a product.

It's not that the product is completely without merit (it's adorable and I definitely bought one), but it's not really worth its original $99 price tag. As such, it's been slashed here and there, but some retailers haven't been able to move stock even still. That's why Best Buy is looking to give the little buggers away with every purchase of a PlayStation 4 Pro, today only.

If you're looking to go buy a PlayStation 4 Pro today, you'll want to go ahead and get out to Best Buy to lock in that purchase, because today's the only day you can add on a PlayStation Classic with your hunk of gold you're spending on the enhanced system.

Some of the games are frustrating to play simply because they absolutely outright chug, as if you were playing them on a computer with too little power to run them. Bafflingly, some users, like our reviewer Blake Morse, didn't seem to run into these issues:

"Some outlets have mentioned that certain games on the Classic are the 50Hz Pal versions, I honestly could not tell you if or how that affected my experience overall since I haven’t played many of these games since their launch if I ever had before. A lot of them could seem slow just because that’s how games were back then. What I can say is that if you’re the type of person that these sort of micro-consoles are made for you will probably have your retro itch scratched by the PS Classic."

But speaking personally, as much as I love the little system's form factor and everything else repeated emulation problems definitely made me frustrated with it as well – especially with how ridiculously slow Tekken 3 was – actually unplayable, if I'm being honest.

At any rate, if you want one, go snag one with your PS4 Pro, today only!

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