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Nearly 3 million people have played Tetris 99 on Switch

Tetris 99 on Switch has attracted nearly 3 million players, and that's a surprisingly high amount.


As it turns out, a lot of people really love Tetris 99.

It's easy to love, especially since it comes as part of a free offer with Nintendo Switch Online. It pits 99 players against each other in a knock-down, drag-out battle online where everyone plays a Tetris battle royale to see who can emerge victorious.

It's been played by 2.8 million accounts since it debuted in February, and has helped boost overall engagement for the Nintendo Switch, according to the latest Financial Results Briefing for Fiscal Year Ended March 2019 from Nintendo.

With that said, Nintendo plans to continue increasing engagement with players by implementing new in-game events to encourage people to continue playing. It seems Tetris 99 is an important part of the Nintendo Switch Online service as a whole, in addition to the NES library available with the membership.

"Nintendo Switch Online members are also enjoying Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online. Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online gives members instant access to a variety of classic NES games with added online play.Through these initiatives we are working to make these services more attractive over the long-term on Nintendo Switch Online," said Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa.

If you're new to Tetris 99 and need a little assistance getting up to speed, we have a special tips guide for both beginners and casual players needing some tips. Check it out here, like this following tip about Hard Drops:

"One of the keys to success in Tetris 99 is speed. This is a game of ruthless efficiency. You must not only keep your pile manageable, but you must do so quickly. That's where the Hard Drop comes in. This is tied to Up on the Control Pad and it's something you should learn to use frequently. As garbage piles threaten to pile up, the only way to hold back the tide is to offset them with your own lines and combos. With only so much time before the garbage stack triggers, you need to move fast, hence the need for the Hard Drop mechanic. Learn to clear out lines as quickly as possible and it'll help you control the garbage pile heading your way."

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