Firmament hits $1.285 million Kickstarter goal

Firmament has met its lofty Kickstarter goal, and now the team will help old school adventure game fans scratch their retro itch.


Cyan's latest project, Firmament, is an adventure game rooted in classic adventure games like Myst, Riven, and the team's last game, Obduction. It's also just reached its goal of $1,285,000 to bring the project to fruition.

With just 26 hours to go at the time of writing, 16,159 backers have brought Firmament to life, so now it will be coming together for fans looking to spend a bit more time in the familiar worlds the games before it wove together.

Built completely from the ground up for VR, Firmament follows a protagonist who wakes up in a bright blue ice cavern with metal pipes and clockwork gears everywhere. As you explore, you happen upon an old table with a teacup on one end and a dead, frozen body on the other. It's holding a clockwork device that you take – and an apparition appears from it, with a note for you: It's from a woman who was meant to mentor you before things spiraled wildly out of control. From there, you've got quite the adventure ahead of you, as the game's Kickstarter page proclaims.

The narrative game is the beginning of a new Cyan universe, the game's Kickstarter page reads.

"Stunning and enigmatic locations (with a certain callback to the steampunk roots of Myst) were conceived to allow for highly immersive and eclectic visuals for which the world-building artisans at Cyan are known," the project says.

You'll be joined by a clockwork companion (an adjunct) that doesn't speak but you can gesture to to tell what to do at any given moment. You'll work to solve challenges together and learn to understand the adjunct just as it understands you.

Firmament, since it has reached its Kickstarter goal, is planning a 2020 release. We'll keep you up to date on all its latest developments ahead of its debut, and stay tuned for a chat with the developers themselves here at Shacknews.

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