Overcooked! 2 Campfire Cook Off DLC and Season Pass out now

Overcooked! 2's Campfire Cook Off DLC and Season Pass are up for grabs if you need something new to play right now.


Looking for a reason to jump back into Overcooked! 2 aside from the fact that it's just an excellent game?

Well, here's a great reason: its Campfire Cook Off DLC and Season Pass are now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC today.

The DLC includes a heaping helping of more ways for you to fight with your friends, basically, because that's what Overcooked! 2 is all about, isn't it? Here's some of what you can expect, via Team17:

  • New map – babbling brooks, rustling trees and glowing fireflies surround you in this stunning new map!
  • New camping themed kitchens – 12 regular and 3 Kevin kitchens!
  • New chefs – owl chef, beaver chef, explorer chef and bear chef!
  • New recipes – s’mores, cooked breakfast, blueberry pancakes and olive pizza!
  • New mechanic – backpacks! These give a whole new meaning to “food on the go”! Worn by you or a fellow chef, these backpacks contain ingredients needed to serve up tasty meals!
  • New mechanic – campfires! In the Campfire Cook Off kitchens there really is no food without fires! Chop wood and keep the campfires stoked to ensure your delicious meals are cooked properly!

The Season Pass, which is out now, will run you $19.99 on all platforms. It will grant you access to the Campfire Cook Off and two additional DLC expansions that will be released later this year, which will mean additional cooking-centric shenanigans. Who can say no to that?

Overcooked! 2 won our award for Shacknews' Best Co-Op Game of 2018, because of how excellent it is.

"It all works out to a beautiful, hilarious, and sometimes endlessly frustrating cacophony of sight and sound that just feels like a party every time you boot it up. It's fun solo, or with an entire room full of friends, and it's perfect for on the go play, especially with Nintendo Switch owners. You won't find a better co-op experience this year, and if you need a friendship litmus test, well, here you go," we said of the hilarious game.

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