ASTRO Gaming reveals new A40 + MixAmp Pro TR audio solution

The fourth generation of the ASTRO A40 series will feature ASTRO Audio V2, mod support, and the headset's usual premium design tuned for comfort.


ASTRO Gaming has made quite a name for itself in the gaming headset industry, previously releasing three generations of their acclaimed A40 series headsets. Now the audio-focused company is ready to take things to the next level with the fourth generation of the new ASTRO A40 TR series and the new ASTRO MixAmp Pro TR.

Designed to work with the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or even Mac, the ASTRO A40 TR series is reportedly made up of premium materials that help to provide a comfortable and adjustable fit for anyone who uses them. The headphones will also include the usual mod kit support available previously with speaker tags, as well as new support that allows players to change the open-back headset into a closed-back noise-isolating headset. Another big feature of the new product line is ASTRO Audio V2, which ASTRO believes will redefine professional-grade audio for gaming even more.

In a press release shared earlier, head of ASTRO Gaming, Ruben Mookerjee stated, “at ASTRO, we engineer premium products and experiences, using high-end components to withstand rigorous use by professional gamers in tournament environments.” He then continued, “we’ve spent the last ten years working with top console esports pros to develop industry-leading technology and world class industrial design. In the latest generation of A40 and MixAmp products, ASTRO is proud to present our best performing audio system ever.”

ASTRO Gaming reveals new A40 + MixAmp Pro TR audio solution
The new ASTRO A40 TR and MixAmp Pro TR.

ASTRO continues its service to gamers by offering a newly updated MixAmp Pro TR alongside the latest A40 TR. Here are the key features of the MixAmp Pro TR shared by ASTRO:

  • Dolby Digital audio decoding and Dolby Headphone audio output for detailed spatial sound
  • Digital Daisy Chain, allowing direct connection of multiple units for zero-lag voice communication
  • Customizable, transformer-isolated stream output that ensures clear sound for livestream viewers
  • Game:Voice Balance control, allowing for easy on-the-fly adjustments
  • Free ASTRO Command Center Software for advanced settings adjustments
  • 2+ year Dolby Atmos® activation included with Xbox One licensed products to enhance the headset with spatialized object audio (Xbox One and Windows 10 PC only)

As you can see, the new A40 TR and MixAmp Pro TR will offer a lot of the same features that previous generations have offered, alongside with some new improvements. Be sure to head over to the official ASTRO website for more information and keep an eye on our news hub for the latest breaking stories and info about the latest games.

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