Asmodee Digital releasing Catan on Nintendo Switch this June

The classic tabletop game Catan is coming to Nintendo Switch by way of Asmodee Digital this June.


The classic board game Catan is coming to Nintendo Switch by way of Asmodee Digital this June.

This summer, you'll get to try out the multi-million seller as Catan lands on the handheld system with all the benefits you'd expect with a Switch port while still offering the "full" Catan experience.

“We are eager to let players play Catan on the Nintendo Switch as we’re sure it will appeal to those who played the board game while also engaging with new audiences having an opportunity to discover this masterpiece. Combining our unique digital expertise and board game roots is key in delivering an immersive experience on par with what critics and players expect from Catan in the digital era,” says Pierre Ortolan, CEO of Asmodee Digital.

Catan on Steam.
Catan on Steam.

If you've been putting off learning more about the game before diving in and playing, this might be the entry point you've been looking for. You'll be able to take it with you wherever you like, and finally figure out its rules. It's not too difficult to learn if you know nothing about it, but it quickly shows off some impressive amounts of strategic depth as you delve further in.

Asmodee Digital has brought several games to digital platforms, including Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, Splendor, and Carcassonne. So if Catan was going to come to Switch, this is certainly the right developer to do it. Catan is the latest in a series coming to Switch that also includes Pandemic, Munchkin, and a selection of other tabletop games in the future.

Get ready to jump into the game on June 20, 2019.

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