Buy one get one free in latest ThinkGeek t-shirt sale

If you need some new t-shirts to envelop your body in, ThinkGeek has the sale for you.


ThinkGeek is holding a sale that you'll definitely want to check out if you need something new to wear.

The fine purveyor of all things geeky and nerdy is holding a buy one get one free T-shirt sale across the entire site. So if there's a shirt you've had your eye on for a while or just want to expand your wardrobe, you can pick out two shirts for the price of one.

Using the promo code B1G1TEE, you can choose the shirt you want out of the wide selection of the online store and start throwing things into your basket. It's online only, so you can't go through the brick and mortar store and plow through the shirts and take everything home. You have to shop on the internet for this one.

ThinkGeek's T-shirt sale is going on now.
ThinkGeek's T-shirt sale is going on now.

There's a wide variety of shirts available via ThinkGeek's website, like some of the most hackneyed nerd crossover shirts you've ever seen, Captain Marvel shirts, an actual cool Cowboy Bebop shirt that's better than anything Netflix will ever make, Firefly shirts, Wall-E button-ups, and more Star Wars stuff than you can shake a stick at.

Most shirts range from $21.99 and under, with a few others up there in price. Some are on clearance, so if you buy the right shirts, you can save some extra cash, too. There's something for all kinds of fandoms on the site, so all you have to do is sift through what's out there and you'll be able to build up a new geeky shirt collection in no time. Be warned, though – choose your new shirts wisely. All we're going to say is that not all of the shirts for sale on ThinkGeek are created equal. 

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