New Jump Force trailer introduces Yu-Gi-Oh's Seto Kaiba

Yu-Gi-Oh!'s villainous Seto Kaiba is coming to Jump Force this May to wreck things with his Blue-Eyes White Dragon.


Yu-Gi-Oh's villainous Seto Kaiba is making his way to Jump Force as the game's latest DLC character.

The CEO of KaibaCorp and main antagonist for Yugi Muto is coming to deal some serious damage with his trusty Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Obelisk the Tormentor as part of the Jump Force Character Pass and as a standalone DLC character.

If you're interested in adding a multitude of fighters to your game, you can pick up the Character Pass for $29.99, which includes nine playable characters and four days of exclusive early access to each one before they're officially released. You'll also get new abilities and special costume elements to customize your avatar further – because you can have some super cool-looking customizable characters, if you weren't already aware.

Our own Blake Morse reviewed Jump Force, awarding it a 7 out of 10. Here's what he had to say on the game:

"Overall I felt like Jump Force was in some ways its own fighting game with an A-list cast of enjoyable characters and in other ways, it felt like a watered-down version of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. If players are interested in the core fighting game, there’s some depth, but it only goes so deep. This is definitely a game made to be played by a varied age group and it shows," he wrote."

"What this game is really about is fan service and I must admit that it succeeds in offering folks up a hefty chunk in that department. Jump Force knows that it’s really for the Shonen Jump fans and if you are a fan there’s plenty to like here. One would probably be better off focusing on the core fighting game aspects though."

Seto Kaiba is coming to theme in May 2019, so you might want to catch up on your Yu-Gi-Oh episodes you've been meaning to before he makes his debut. Or don't – a lot of people don't like Kaiba and just want to see him beaten to a pulp. Which camp are you in?

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