Gamers "Don't give a sh*t about your Grandma" - Minh Le

Shacknews sat down with Counter-Strike co-creator Minh Le to chat about game difficulty, competition in the industry, and how "gamers don't give a sh*t about your Grandma."


Minh Le, known online via his online nickname Gooseman, is a Vienamese Canadian programmer who co-created the Half-Life mod Counter-Strike alongside Jess Cliffe in 1999. Shacknews had the chance to speak with the iconic developer and pick his brain about all sorts of intriguing concepts related to modern gaming as well as how things are changing in the industry.

Minh Le spoke at length on the concept of making games "too easy" these days, which is something we tend to see a lot of, but lately it appears that some games have been going away from the idea of helping gamers out and holding their hands.

"I do see a lot of games going away from that," said Le. "Battlefield doesn't have regenerating health, or PUBG. So I do think that games are becoming a bit more realistic and less casual." He then noted that Fortnite is easily a "casual" FPS, as Asif Khan noted that the game isn't even a first-person shooter.

"In my mind, Fortnite is one of the most casual FPS games in my mind. Third-person is much more appealing."

Talking about taking risks, Le noted that it's harder these days to innovate in the industry due to competition and crowding – especially when it comes to creators making games that are further out of the norm.

"In this day and age, it's harder to take risks because the game industry is so crowded. It's so competitive," he said. "You can't really try to make a risky game or one that's so different from the norm because it'll be harder for you to market your game to a new player. I think a lot of players gravitate toward games that they can say 'This game is sort of like this game, but kind of the same.'"

When asked about whether players are drawn to games because of the work that went into putting them together, Le didn't think that was much of a selling point.

"If your grandma bakes you cookies, you can taste the love in the cookies, right?" reviews editor Blake Morse asked.

"Yeah, you can taste them yourself if it's YOUR grandma, but other gamers? That's not my grandma. Those gamers, they don't give a shit about your grandma, man." Truer words, good sir! Truer words.

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