April free PlayStation Plus games include MMO Conan Exiles

April's selection of free PlayStation Plus games include the MMO Conan Exiles as well as the challenging adventure The Surge.


PlayStation has revealed its lineup of free April PlayStation Plus games, and this month includes a lot fewer games this time around.

April will bring both The Surge and Conan Exiles for PlayStation Plus subscribers, as revealed in a trailer that shows off the best of what both games have to offer. No release date was given for when they'll be up for grabs, but right now March's free games are still available until April 1. We can likely expect the new lineup to be available around the same time, or a bit later in the month.

The Surge is an interesting techno-Souls game that includes many of the same elements players have come to expect from that series. Focus Home Interactive has created a worthy analogue to the FromSoftware series that involves difficult melee combat and resource management where you can craft new items out of gear you've collected. Its futuristic setting is also an interesting touch.

Conan Exiles is also pretty intriguing, especially because, yes, this is the game where you can make your genitals as large as you want to hilarious effect. You start the game with basically nothing and then work to build up an empire for yourself after being cast out of your home. It's a long journey, but you can make it. You have a variety of weapons at your disposal, including swords, bows, siege weapons, and more.

The monthly rotation of free games no longer includes PlayStation 3 or PS Vita titles, so it seems a bit more barebones than usual for this month's selection. We're already missing them and this is the first month we've seen the PlayStation Plus selection so small. Luckily, Xbox One's free games do still include Xbox 360 titles and backward compatible games, so we're appreciative of that fact.

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