Fire Pro Wrestling World interview: Suda51's glorious return

Suda51 chats with Shacknews about what kind of DLC he's been involved with for Fire Pro Wrestling, 25 years after he made his writing debut there.


Shacknews made some time to chat with the indomitable Suda51 about Fire Pro Wrestling World and his upcoming DLC for the game while at GDC 2019, and you can check out the entirety of our conversation about the wrestling title.

Fire Pro Wrestling World was originally released by Spike Chunsoft on PC back in December 2017 and debuted on PlayStation 4 in August 2018 for Western players, and this is Suda51's first time back working on the games.

Suda51 has been retired from the Fire Pro Wrestling scene 25 years later, and he's still "kind of surprised" about being back, but "feels really great being back."

"The first Fire Pro game that I wrote the scenario for, it was my first time writing the scenario for the game and the first time I had written pretty much anything," said Suda51. In the time since, I've done a bunch of other stuff, as well. Now, I probably I feel my writing style has pretty much stayed the same since my Fire Pro games. In general, it hasn't really changed very much." But what about the DLC storyline we can expect from the new content?

"The previous game was done in 1994, and now it's 2019. The game takes place exactly 25 years after the first game. I had the idea, what if the main character from the first game had a character who was with child at the end of the game? If she wa pregnant at the time, he would be about 25 years old. I feel that would be the prime of their career."

We can't wait to see what Suda has come up with when the DLC launches. For now, be sure to check out the interview above for his thoughts on the upcoming content. 

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