Double Fine's Lee Petty on how Rad stands out in the crowd

We caught up with Lee Petty at GDC 2019 to talk about Double Fine Productions' new rogue-like, Rad.


Announced at GDC 2019, Rad is a new action rogue-like from Double Fine Productions. Set within a world that’s seen the apocalypse at two times, players take on the role of a mutated survivor that must explore and fight their way across a beautiful and—dare I say it—rad looking world. Our very own, Asif Khan had a chance to catch up with Lee Petty, one of the Project Leads at Double Fine Productions, to talk about Rad and learn how they plan to make the game stand out from others.

Rogue-likes aren’t a new thing by any means, and we’ve seen a number of them release over the past few years. However, based on what we saw of Rad at GDC 2019, the game does appear to bring something different to the table. According to Lee Petty, the team decided to stick with more open-aired missions. They felt that a lot of previous rogue-likes focused on tight-knit close quarters, and instead wanted to offer a new type of experience to players.

The game itself is looking to be quite a treat, with players gaining different mutations each run that they make. While talking with Petty, we were curious to learn more about the way they plan to balance the game’s different weapons and powers. Petty replied, “One of the things I think you learn is that you don’t want to have everything in perfect balance. Because, in our game your character mutates each time. So they don’t get to pick their mutation, which means sometimes it’s nice to find one that’s OP—overpowered—for a run, and some things that aren’t so great.” According to Petty, not completely balancing everything leaves a lot of room to appreciate the good and the bad weapons and mutations.

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