Night School Studios interview: Going to hell in Afterparty

Shacknews caught up with Night School Studios to chat about Afterparty, the game that encourages you to out-drink Satan.


Ever thought about what might happen if you're ever sent to hell for an unjust reason? Not everyone deserves to go there, right?

That's seemingly what happens in Night School Studios' Afterparty, which we caught up with the studio at GDC 2019 to chat about.

It's about two best college friends (Milo and Lola) who have died recently. They wake up and find themselves in hell. Once there, they're sent to a processing center and assigned their physical and mental types of torture. They even get personal demons assigned to them who will be torturing them on a daily basis. But just as they're about to be tortured for the first time, it's time to clock out.

The demons start partying and drinking. As it turns out, at night, hell turns into a huge party that's been going for millions of years. There's a ton of debauchery involved, but no torture. It looks pretty fun, actually!

But what interests Milo and Lola is an interesting loophole, though, that involves them possibly being able to live their old lives again. If you can outdrink Satan himself in one night of hardcore drinking, you can go back to your life on Earth.

Afterparty is an intriguing adventure that's set to come to Nintendo Switch in the near future, and we can't wait to see how this party plays out.

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