Metamorphosis interview: Creating the Kafka-inspired game

Ovid Works is crafting a creepy-crawly puzzle/platformer based on The Metamorphosis novella by author Franza Kafka.


GDC 2019 is in full swing and we're snatching up a few opportunities to speak with the developers that are making the rounds to show off their new projects. One such project is Metamorphosis by Ovid Works, a platformer based on Franz Kafka's novella of the same name.

The game Metamorphosis is a puzzle platformer set within a mystery. Players have been transformed into a creature and have to figure out a way to help out a friend and return to their original state. The game is first-person and features some pretty hardcore platforming elements. In the interview below, the developer speaks on the vertical design of the game, creating fun moments while experiencing the story and more.  Check out the full interview from GDC 2019 below.

As you can see in some of the gameplay clips above, the lead character Gregor has been transformed into an insect. With that metamorphosis comes some new abilities, which will power the player's exploration. The gameplay unfolds across a surreal narrative inspired by Franz Kafka, who wrote the novella The Metamorphosis where a salesman wakes to find himself transformed into an insect. There are many interpretations of Kafka's novella and this game will be an interactive take on what the team took from the story. Development team Ovid Works is hoping to release Metamorphosis in fall 2019 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Franz Kafka Metamorphosis video game gdc 2019 screenshot

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