Breach interview: QC Games on playing the hero or villain

Shacknews chatted with QC Games' Dallas Dickinson about the action-RPG Breach and the ability to choose hero or villain.


Breach is the debut title from the Austin, TX-based studio QC Games, and it's an action-RPG that brings titles like Diablo, Guild Wars 2, or even Monster Hunter to mind.

Shacknews caught up with QC Games' Dallas Dickinson to chat about Breach and everything it has to offer players.

At its core, Breach is a co-op action RPG with a 4v1 element. You fight through short, 15-minute dungeons where you fight against other players and a "Veil Demon," which acts as something of a dungeon master. It's all about choosing to play the hero or villain, which plays a large role in the grander scheme of things.

The game began with 24 classes, and is now up to 27, with 20 of them on the hero side. The rest are on the villains' side. You can opt for a wide variety of classes, too – none of that tame stuff. Opt for an Engineer, or try out the Exorcist. Maybe you're more into the Lich or Mana Warrior. Whatever you choose, you have plenty of opportunities to try new things.

On the Veil Demons' side, you have the Chaos Weaver, Taskmaster, Worldshaper, and Soulfiend. Sure, they sound a little more imposing than your regular hero classes, but that's what you get when you play as a demon. Should have picked a demon if that's what you're worried about!

You can cross-pollinate and create your own custom class as well, if what's currently on offer doesn't strike your fancy. It's all up to you, which is part of what makes Breach such an interesting prospect.

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