Google Stadia's site and controller feature the Konami code

Google Stadia's website has a fun Easter egg featuring the Konami code, and it can be found on the controller as well.


Google's gaming platform, Stadia, was on full display today during the 2019 Game Developers' Conference. Following the announcement, eager fans took to the official Stadia website to look around for anything interesting they could find.

It turns out they came away with a very interesting finding, too: the infamous Konami code. For the uninitiated, that goes like this: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. If you enter this sequence on the Stadia website, you'll get a model of the Stadia controller. You can rotate it around 360 degrees in your browser. Pretty neat!

You can also see the Konami code etched onto the back of the controller as well, at least the one in the keynote did, with the code above the headphone jack. It's a cool nod to classic gaming, as the Konami code has multiple uses and is widely viewed as a bit of an Easter egg in many different titles. Sometimes it awards extra lives, sometimes it unlocks extra characters, and sometimes it makes you invincible.

The Google Stadia controller opens when you enter the Konami code.
The Google Stadia controller opens when you enter the Konami code.

Google's gaming-oriented push is a big deal for the company, so it makes sense that they'd honor a time-tested code like this one with their latest product. And it's a cool way to nod to the gamers who remember trying the code out for the first time. As it stands, we're not sure if the retail version of the controller will end up keeping the Konami code, but it sure would be cool if that were the case.

We'll definitely be on the lookout when the Stadia rolls out to everyone at retail if the Konami code is still on the unit, which it should definitely be. It'd be the only controller with that kind of fun print on it if so, and that would make it stand out even more. 

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