User reviews and achievements on Epic Games Store roadmap

Epic Games is sharing a lengthy roadmap so gamers can see what's coming to the platform and when. Mod support, user reviews, and achievements are just a few worth naming.


Epic Games came out of the gate firing on all cylinders when launching its new store, enticing individual developers and studios with a higher revenue split than some of its competitors. As we mentioned then, it is going to take a lot more to become a true force in the digital gaming platform marketplace and the company has revealed a roadmap showing how it plans to do so.

PC gaming enthusiasts and fans hoping for a transparent approach to the development of the Epic Games store will be glad to find that the company has opened up a Trello board that shows the public just what's in store. The purpose of the board is to "provide information about upcoming features and known issues with the Epic Games store" and it currently features four columns that paint a picture of the platform's future. The other three columns feature general info, recently launched features, and a complication of patch notes.

Mod support and an expansion of community features will be key if Epic wants to slice into a piece of pie dominated by Steam and both of things are in the plans. Mod support for games is planned within 4-6 months and there are a plethora of community-benefiting features scattered throughout the roadmap. You can check out what's in the works below.

Epic Games store image roadmap features schedule release

Epic Games store features roadmap

Recently Shipped Features

  • Store search
  • Free game notification
  • Code redemption improvements
  • Collections and bundles
  • Offline mode functionality
  • Enable pre-loading
  • Regional pricing

Near Term (1-3 Months)

  • Search by genre and tag
  • Improvements to offline mode
  • Install management "under the hood" overhaul
  • Store video hosting
  • Store page redesign
  • Improved DLC support - multi SKU
  • Cloud saves
  • Add-on purchase checks
  • Improved patch sizes

Mid Term (4-6 Months)

  • User reviews
  • Wishlists
  • Newsfeed and follow improvements
  • Price adjusting bundles
  • Additional payment methods
  • Additional currencies
  • Player play time tracking
  • Mod support for games
  • Epic Games overlay
  • Library improvements

Long Term (> 6 Months)

  • Achievements
  • Shopping cart
  • Direct carrier billing
  • Social overhaul

Date TBD

  • Automated refunds
  • Arabic store translation
  • Korea game releases
  • Gifting
  • Android store

If you want to bookmark the Epic Games store roadmap, bookmark this Epic Games store roadmap link. That way, you'll be able double check what's on the way and see what changes the team makes to the schedule. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional gaming and tech updates.

Much love to Chatty user Masem for bringing the Epic Games store trello roadmap to our attention!

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