How to change or reset your appearance in The Division 2

Learn how to change your hair, beard and other appearance options in The Division 2.


In The Division, once players had made their character, they were kind of stuck with whatever looks they chose. In The Division 2, though, players actually have the chance to change or reset their appearance. If you’re not happy with the tattoos, beard, or hair that you’ve chosen, then here is everything you need to know to change your appearance in The Division 2.

Before we dive too deep into the article, though, we do want to warn readers that this guide does contain some small spoilers for The Division 2’s main story progression line. Because of this, you may want to wait to read this guide if you do not wish for anything to be spoiled for you.

How to change your appearance in The Division 2

At the start of The Division 2, you’re given a chance to create your character using a rather robust character creation tool. Unfortunately, once you make this character, you’re kind of stuck with whatever hair, beard and tattoo choices you make—at least until you progress through the main story.

how to change appearance in The Division 2 - barber options
You can change your tattoos, hair and beard later in the game by visiting the Barber in The Division 2.

Once you reach Level 15, and unlock the Campus settlement, travel over to it and speak with Henry. He’ll grant you access to some new missions. In order to unlock the ability to change your appearance, you’re going to need to unlock Joshua Summers, the game’s Barber. To do this you’re going to need to complete one mission. The first mission available to you is Bank Headquarters. Make your way over to it and complete the mission.

When you have completed Bank Headquarters, you’ll need to visit the Campus settlement and talk to Joshua Summers. Follow the icon on your mini-map. After talking to Joshua, he’ll travel to The Whitehouse. You can now travel back to The Whitehouse and visit the Barber area located on the first floor to change your hair, beard, tattoos and other vanity appearance traits. You’re going to need to make money quickly if you want to be able to afford to change your appearance, though, so make sure you have enough cash.

How to reset your appearance in The Division 2

If you’re looking to completely reset your appearance, then we have some unfortunate news. Aside from things like your beard, hair, and tattoos, you cannot change the look of your face in The Division 2, unless you create a new character.

how to reset appearance in The Division 2 - opening mission cutscene
Make sure you choose the facial structure and body type you want before finishing character creation. You cannot change these later on.

If you’d like to create an entirely new character—remember that all your progress will start over—you’re going to need to visit the main menu. While here, looking for the New Agent option on the bottom of the screen. Selecting this will allow you to create a brand-new agent, which you can use to partake in the various activities in The Division 2.

Now that you understand how to change your appearance and unlock the Barber, be sure to head back over to our The Division 2 guide hub for more help surviving the wastelands of Washington D.C.

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