Pop-up selfie camera spotted in leaked OnePlus 7 photo

The OnePlus 7 could have a pop-up selfie camera, as spotted in a leaked photo.


When most phones are adding notches to their design these days, it's almost unheard of that other models are adopting different form factors. But the upcoming OnePlus 7 could be choosing something a little different, if new leaked images are anything to be believed.

A leaked image of a OnePlus 7 phone case appears to confirm that the smartphone will feature a pop-up selfie camera. The images appeared on SlashLeaks, and they show a square hole at the top part of the case, which looks exactly like a spot you'd need if you'd want to fit the phone with a pop-up selfie camera.

A pop-up camera on the OnePlus 7 would mean the phone has no need for a notch. It would work similarly to that we've seen on phones like the Vivo Next, and you'd be able to use the camera on demand. But there hasn't been any concert evidence as far as what the phone might actually feature just yet. All we have to go by at present are rumors.

The pop-up camera is something of a new fad we're seeing in the land of smartphones, alongside the folding phones that have been popping up left and right, of course. It could end up being something more widely adopted by the industry as a solution to the notch, but it invites a series of other issues related to its functionality, so perhaps it's best left to certain companies to explore at this point.

Of course, we don't have a bead on who's actively looking into doing it beyond those we've already confirmed to be testing the feature out, but hopefully it's not something that catches on – unless it just works like a dream, after all.

But adding more moving parts to electronics generally results in lackluster or frustrating situations, so we'll have to see where the OnePlus 7 ends up.

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