Borderlands 2 VR adds PS4 Aim Controller support

Borderlands 2 VR now supports PS4 Aim Controllers if you choose to play with one.


Borderlands VR players now have an additional control method they can choose in-game, if they so choose.

Gearbox recently added support for the PlayStation VR AIM Controller in Borderlands 2 VR, as well as performance and gameplay improvements to the game. If you were thinking about buying Borderlands VR before but thought you might skip out because you wanted to use this particular input, now that's no longer an excuse.

Using the AIM controller will let you do what its name implies: aim while playing as if you were playing some sort of first-person shooter IRL. You can swap out the button layout and how the sticks function as well as tie movement to either your character's gun or head, depending on what feels better for you.

There's also a wider scope with better performance, crosshairs you can toggle on and off, and a plethora of other changes you can see lined out in the official announcement post via Gearbox. There's a lot to sift through, but the bottom line is that you get more ways to play a game you probably already love.

And there may be more of it coming later on down the line, if a PAX East panel from Gearbox is to be believed. It's taking place on March 28, with "never-before-seen reveals, exclusives, and surprises.” This means we could potentially see the announcement of Borderlands 3 at long last, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.

Either way, some sort of update on new Borderlands content would be nice, especially as it's taken so long to get some sort of update. There's still plenty of loot out there we want to get our hands on, after all, and enemies to take out, especially the super dumb ones. And one day, we'd love to hang out with Tiny Tina again. One day.

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