RICO buddy cop shooter releases on consoles & PC next week

RICO is a gritty new buddy cop shooter coming to consoles and PC next week in all its arcadey goodness.


In desperate need of a new buddy cop arcade game? You'll want to keep an eye out for RICO, the first-person arcade game looking to "crack down on crime" next week when it comes to consoles and PC.

Publisher Rising Star Games and developer Ground Shatter have brought us RICO, a new title inspired by modern action flicks, which outfits layers as the newest member of the "elite" RICO task force. They're given 24 hours to solve a case that could topple the most important criminal organizations in the city. Throughout randomly generated levels, you'll burst through the doors, kick them down, and shoot everything that moves.

The arcade-style tactical shooter has players taking part in action-packed shootouts, breaching doors, sweeping rooms, and unlocking plenty of useful weapons and other items from there. There are new traits and equipment to utilize as you rise through the ranks and take out all the crime bosses in the game's main case mode as well.

“Games can change people’s lives, inform us about the human condition, and tell epic stories of love, life, and loss… RICO doesn’t do any of those things, it’s a game about kicking doors open and shooting bad guys, often in glorious slow motion," said James Parker, director at Ground Shatter. Sounds like our kind of game, then.

You can play alone or with friends to take on the role of "loose cannon" cop partners, and take the show on the road with online and local co-op. With game modes where you can compete against the clock to solve a case in 24 hours, daily play with online leaderboards, and plenty of unlockables to go after, you'll have lots to keep you busy.

The game will debut on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 12, and will then come to Nintendo Switch and PC as of March 14.

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