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Soulja Boy's new song Zelda is his latest poser gamer trash

Soulja Boy's new song "Zelda" isn't an homage, but a misguided attempt.


Soulja Boy is back at it again with a new "track" called "Zelda," keeping up with his long line of gaming-related mishaps over the past few months.

"Zelda" is a track that Soulja Boy penned that includes lyrics like "green diamonds like Zelda," despite the fact that rupees aren't really diamonds. There's a lot of rapping about pushing bodies in the river and other game-related references later on in the song. Interestingly, he used the main theme from the classic 1986 Nintendo title to rap over. It's instantly recognizable, but it's probably being used without the proper clearance.

It's unlikely that Soulja Boy obtained permission to use either music or artwork from the Zelda series, but perhaps the creator squashed his beef with the Big N following his apparent dealings with copyright issues and the like. Probably not, given that the rapper was selling Chinese emulator systems that claimed to have Nintendo products on them (illegal backups of games not endorsed by Nintendo).

At the time of writing, there don't appear to be any Nintendo knockoffs on Soulja Boy's Soulja Electronics site, just a variety of headphones, earbuds, speakers, and other bric-a-brac. At one point, however, there was a fake Game Boy-esque handheld and a variety of other items that were pulled after Nintendo originally threatened legal action. It's unknown what the outcome was beyond the fact that the items are no longer for sale – at least, for now.

It's an interesting flex that Soulja Boy would opt to use a Zelda reference when he's previously been in hot water with Nintendo, and then act as if he doesn't quite know that you play as Link, not Zelda, in the games. Perhaps this is all sort of some huge publicity stunt that we're unaware of. Either way, the song is available to stream now if you want to hear it. Be forewarned, however, as it has extremely foul language in some verses. 

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