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Little Friends: Dogs & Cats heads to Switch this spring

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is finally getting a North American release on Switch this spring.


The Nintendo Switch has been in dire need of some adorable pet raising action, and it's about to get it with Little Friends: Dogs & Cats.

The game will let you choose from a wide variety of adorable puppies and kitties that you can play with, feed, dress up, and of course pet in what looks like the more full-featured spiritual successor to the Nintendogs franchise. It's unclear why Nintendo hasn't blessed us with an official revival of the series just yet, so it's clear Little Friends is doing God's work here and bringing us what the people want.

You can choose from 6 breeds of puppies, including a German Shepherd, French Bulldog, and Labrador Retriever. There are also 3 different kittens to cuddle on if you're more of a cat person. You can then choose a toy and play with them using the Switch's touch screen. Play ball, toss Frisbees, and unlock additional toys as the game wears on. If you choose, you can take them out on a walk as well. You can keep up to 12 pets at the hotel and play with three pets at a time, which sounds like heaven.

Each pet has preferences as far as their favorite toys and food, with hundreds of personality traits scattered across the pets that you'll need to get to know if you want to bond with them properly. Then you can dress them up with over 600 stylish accessories, and take photos to keep the memories.

The game was previously only available as a Japanese title developed by Imagineer and published by Sold Out, so it's good to see that someone had some sense and finally decided to bring it to the English-speaking masses, because we want our pet sims, damn it. And we'l do anything to get them.

If you're attending PAX East later in March, you can attend Booth #24096 from March 28 through March 31 to get your hands on it early. You could alternatively import a copy to play on your Switch if you want it bad enough, because let's face it – you probably don't really need to read much English to figure out how to love on your pets and take care of them. That should come naturally!

As far as the game's release date? You can pre-order it now via Best Buy or GameStop now ahead of its release on May 28. 

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