Fortnite update adds ping system similar to Apex Legends

Apex Legends' ping system has inspired Fortnite in a very useful way.


Apex Legends has proven itself to be something of a trendsetter. When it debuted, people praised Respawn Entertainment's helpful communication options that let you press a button while looking at an object to let your teammates know everything they need to know, all without using a microphone.

This was a feature that got fans thinking about how much easier things would be if games like Fortnite included similar options. Now, fans need wonder no more, as Epic Games has implemented a ping system just lke that in Apex Legends in its popular battle royale as well. YouTuber TmarTn took a clip showcasing the new highlighting feature that you can use for communicating with your teammates.

"Fortnite: Can I borrow your homework? Apex: Yeah, just make sure to change it a little," he joked in the tweet, noting how Fortnite has seen fit to grab popular elements from other games to use them for its own purposes.

It's great news for players who have been practically begging for the feature to come to Fortnite for some time. You can see the system in action below, and characters tagging things in the debut trailer for Fortnite Season 8 as well.

Pinging players eliminates the need for setting up chats outside of the game or communicating with others who may not have headsets or ways to speak to them. As you're no doubt well aware, it can be annoying to try to play a game when you can't talk to the people you're trying to coordinate with.

It looks very simple to use, and it's an enormous boon for players of course. It's just one more part of all the new features and goodies that just arrived with Fortnite Season 8. Hopefully Epic Games is into bringing other useful features from games like Apex Legends into the game in the future as well.

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