Offworld Trading Company announces free multiplayer client

Offworld Trading Company fans can entice their friends in the economic RTS with a free multiplayer client that goes live this month.


Mohawk Games is kicking the door open on the team's economic RTS for those that want to battle it out with other real players. Offworld Trading Company is getting a free multiplayer client that lets players face off against each other even if they don't have the full base game in their library. Offworld Trading Company's multiplayer client launches February 28, 2019, alongside the Market Corrections DLC.

Offworld Trading Company was developed by Civilization IV lead designer Soren Johnson and focuses on building a corporation on Mars. Multiplayer supports up to eight and players will be building and tearing down alliances as they accumulate resources, shape the market, and more. The free client gives people a chance to experience Offworld Trading Company if they haven't already and also lets players stick to battling it out with each other if they have no interest in the solo campaign. If they enjoy it enough to upgrade to the full game, a purchase unlocks the campaign, daily challenges, and skirmish mode.

In Offworld Trading Company, which was published by Stardock Entertainment, Earth's corporate heavy-hitters battle it out for a colonized Mars in an economic RTS experience. The single-player campaign allows players to play as one of nine different CEOs and influence the future of Mars with market forces instead of weapons. The Market Corrections DLC serves as a prequel, telling the story of why Earth needs to colonize Mars. Here's a look at what new content is coming with this DLC, which will cost $3.99:

  • 3 new single-player narrative campaigns
    • Reni-6
    • Ilana Kamat
    • Frank Dawson
  • 12 new maps modeled after various locations on Mars
    • Two Points Lakebed
    • Mangala Valles
    • Mangala Fossa
Offworld Trading Company free multiplayer client

Offworld Trading Company is available now on PC and the free multiplayer client goes live February 28, 2019. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional gaming and tech updates.

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