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Will Anthem game support crossplay?

Will BioWare's new cooperative adventure support crossplay? Here's what you need to know if you're looking forward to playing Anthem with your friends.


Cross platform play, often shortened to crossplay, is a pretty big topic of discussion in the industry these days. While a lot of developers have tried to embrace this new idea, giving gamers more ways than ever to play together, others are more hesitant to hop on board. If you’re planning to play Anthem, the latest adventure from BioWare, then you might be wondering, does Anthem support crossplay?

Will Anthem Have Crossplay?

Anthem is officially available starting today and while many have been jumping into their Javelins and exploring Bastion, others have found themselves asking questions about the game. Available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, BioWare’s latest title is a cooperative adventure just waiting to suck you in. It’s also a perfect candidate for crossplay support, thanks to the game’s focus on playing with a squad. But, does the game actually support crossplay? Or does BioWare even have plans to include crossplay down the line?

Anthem flying in a Javelin
You can fly downwards in Anthem to cool your Javelin off and keep it from overheating.

Unfortunately, right now there are no plans to incorporate crossplay into Anthem as of launch. However, BioWare has not ruled out the possibility altogether, and would like to make it a possibility at some point down the line. So, while it won’t support it right now, we could see an update that brings all three platforms together sometime in the future. This is most likely due to the intensity of the game itself, as running a game across multiple platforms is both time consuming and very tricky as you need to make updates available at the same time or you run into logistical issues. If you do plan on playing, though, make sure you know which Javelin to pick.

While crossplay support isn’t available just yet, it isn’t ruled out and we’ll be sure to update this guide if more information becomes available. For even more help make sure you check out our Anthem guide.

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