Untitled Goose Game delayed to later in 2019

Untitled Goose Game won't be around to cause shenanigans until later this year.


If you were looking forward to causing problems all over town as a bit of a jerky goose soon, you're going to have to wait a little longer.

House House's quirky simulator Untitled Goose Game has been delayed from an "early 2019" launch to "later this year," though unfortunately we don't know any specifics beyond that. The developer took to Twitter to announce the date change, noting circumstances beyond the company's control as a cheeky nod to the video accompanying the tweet as the reason for the delay. 

"A bit of news: due to circumstances beyond our control — see video — our goose game will not be arriving until later in 2019. This means we'll be able to make the best goose game possible! Thanks for your patience — we'll get this goose to you as soon as we can," the tweet read.

The hilarious game puts you in the shoes of a goose who wants nothing more than to wreck people's lives, whether that means stealing hats, gobbling up a gardener's carrots, or just walking around loudly honking at people. All of those things would get annoying very quickly if dealt with in a real-life setting, especially since you're a "horrible goose," as the official game description notes. The game is something of a sandbox where you just waddle around being a general nuisance.

We don't know much more about it beyond that (and what we were able to ascertain from a recent interview that you can watch below), but we know we're definitely on board. Early chances to get to test the game out at venues like PAX West 2018 revealed a hilarious and intuitive game that will drive you honking crazy. Here's hoping it comes out sooner than later, because it looks like a breath of fresh air for the genre.

Are you ready to jump on-bird with Untitled Goose Game when it's finally out?

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